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*Zero Down, Zero Interest, Zero Payments until 2023, available for participants who sign a Solar contract between Tuesday, June 1, 2021 – Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Must be a resident of San Diego County, Western Riverside County or Southern Orange County. Participant must mention this offer before contract signing. This offer is subject to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer. This offer is non-transferable. This offer is also not redeemable for cash value. Financing available with approved credit from Mosaic. Mosaic loan payments will be deferred for 18 months during which time interest does not accrue. Loan payments will begin after the 18th month and continue for the selected loan term. Some restrictions may apply.    

**Baker Electric Home Energy cannot guarantee qualification for the 26% Federal Tax Credit. Consult legal and accounting professionals regarding any federal or state tax credits that may apply.

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Learn From Solar, Home Battery, Heating and Air Conditioning Experts.

Looking to reduce your electricity costs?  

Combining Solar + Home Battery is a great way to reduce your electric bills and provide backup during natural disasters and power outages.  Plus, you may qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit – we’ll help you check! 

Is your Air Conditioner keeping up? 

Learn about the world-class products Baker offers that make your home more comfortable. 

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We’re solidly committed to safe and responsible business. Our adoption of strict health and safety protocols based on CDC guidelines, is intended to protect customers and employees.

Solar + Battery Discovery Day promotions only apply to solar, battery, or solar + battery systems purchased with contract agreements signed on Saturday, September 16th, 2023. Customer must sign promotion form for offers to apply. Savings may vary based on system size purchased on the day. Rewards include but not limited to digital Tango gift cards and Visa Reward cards. Day of offers cannot be combined with any other offers or redeemed for cash value. Savings, rebates, discounts, giveaways, and rewards are subject to change without notice, and are non-transferable.

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"Baker’s Technician was prompt, efficient, courteous, knowledgeable, and respectfully answered my questions. Good products, clear straightforward explanations, highly skilled and experienced employees who provide great customer service. 
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I just went solar with Baker and enrolled in sonnen’s smart solar battery program. My electric bill is basically zero. I got a great tax credit. My house is backed up. And I’m sharing my energy with my neighbors and getting cash rewards for it. 
What could be better? "

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Solar + Battery Discovery Day

September 16th - Escondido

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Saturday, September 16th

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Why Are My Energy Bills So High?

12 PM

Southern California has some of the highest utility rates in the country. Gaining control of your energy bills is still possible. Come learn with Baker and their partner Enphase about what contributes to a high energy bill, and what steps you can take to keep it to a minimum. Hint: we’ll be focusing on when and how you use your energy.

1 PM

Quality Design Using The Baker Way

From design to completion, we've carefully crafted and streamlined the entire solar and home battery process. Come learn the tips and tricks of the pros of how to create a reliable permit package, receive a permit, and get all the pieces in order to ensure you have a successful renewable energy installation.

2 PM

Thar’s Gold in Them Hills: VPPs

Virtual Power Plants are still a relatively new topic in our industry. There are many different options and strange acronyms out there on the market. Come learn as Baker and their partner sonnen break down the options to participate in this exciting new realm. We’ll explain this very complicated topic in a very easy-to-understand way. You might even learn how to earn money from doing all this.

3 PM

Batteries are More Than Just Backup

Historically, home batteries might have been seen as only valuable for grid outages. However, and especially given the new solar & storage landscape after April, there is an entirely new approach to batteries acting as a nimble tool to help you keep your energy usage low. Come see a fair comparison between the battery options out there, and which is suited best for your home.