What Our 
Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

Baker’s Technician was prompt, efficient, courteous, knowledgeable, and respectfully answered my questions. Good products, clear straightforward explanations, highly skilled and experienced employees who provide great customer service. 
Happy customer! "


Escondido, CA


I just went solar with Baker and enrolled in sonnen’s smart solar battery program. My electric bill is basically zero. I got a great tax credit. My house is backed up. And I’m sharing my energy with my neighbors and getting cash rewards for it. 
What could be better? "

San Diego, CA

Beat California's Soaring Energy Costs
with California's #1 Solar Installer*




BBB Torch Award for Ethics | 4X Winner

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2021 BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics


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*Baker Home Energy DBA along with Baker Electric is the largest installer of solar power in California as reported by Solar Power World's Top Solar Contractors report 2023.

**30% federal tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of income tax you would otherwise owe the federal government. You must have a tax liability to be eligible. Please note the 30% federal tax credit is not provided by Baker Home Energy. 

***No upfront cost is dependent of approved credit when you finance with Baker's Energy Services Agreement (ESA) or one of Baker's approved third-party financiers. 

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Why Go Baker?

Reduce your monthly electric bill

Take advantage of 30% Tax Credit**

No upfront cost option***

Backup power to avoid blackouts

Increased home value

Clean, environmentally-friendly energy

Serving SoCal for over 86 Years

Data-based, custom-designed solutions

Best-in-class products

We do all our own work

Industry-leading warranties

Beat California's Soaring Energy Costs with a Solar Home Energy System from Baker

No More Excuses.
Go Solar. Save Money.

Cut your electric rates by 50%. Lock in lower rates for 20 years with:
No debt. No cash investment. No maintenance costs.